Saltmine Theatre Company create new production
celebrating life and legacy of Martin Luther

On the 500th anniversary year of Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses, Saltmine Theatre Company is delighted to announce a new 40-minute dramatic presentation, celebrating the life and work of a true faith pioneer.

Working alongside a senior historian at London School of Theology, the creative team have produced a show based on research and study, to ensure the show truly captures the devout faith of this remarkable man.

Legacy: The Story of Martin Luther premiered at Kensington Temple in October 2017, as part of the Luther 500 conference.

Alongside keynote speakers including Dr RT Kendall and Rt Rev Graham Tomlin, the performance received glowing reviews.

“The play was amazing! It was a highlight of the conference. People have been giving such positive feedback about it.”

– Bruce Atkinson, Associate Pastor at Kensington Temple.