This July, John Newton - Amazing Grace is being reworked and is available to book across the country. Saltmine Theatre Company are coming together with you to see this incredible story of grace and redemption retold to the next generation.

A powerfully moving story of slavery, freedom and the remarkable power of love and grace to transform a life. A story that is relevant today.

Creativity has always been a catalyst for change. From posters to productions the power of visual excellence joins people together and connects our desire for the highest good with something tangible. During John Newton’s lifetime, anti-sugar pamphlets were released by a man called William Fox. Sugar was one of the biggest contributors to the slave trade and it had to be made known to the wider public. The pamphlets catalysed the slave-grown sugar boycott of over 400,000 people in Britain in 1791, resulting in sugar sales dropping by a third in just a few months. In the 1820s the boycott was revived and the total abolition of slavery in the British colonies was pushed again, until in 1833 the Slavery Abolition Act made the slave trade illegal in all of the British Empire.

Theatre has the power to inspire change. Our hope for this tour is that it opens our eyes to the opportunities in front of us all, no matter how big or small, to work for the good of those in need.