Our mission

To be a centre of excellence; releasing, empowering and equipping people through the creative arts.

Who we are

Saltmine Trust is a Christian charity and theatre company, inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus. We describe what we do as Faith Motivated Arts, because our faith inspires us to care for and value every human being.

As a dedicated team of actors, directors, writers, technicians, office, design and media staff, we passionately believe in the power of story. We create and retell stories, with a commitment to making a difference.

What we do

We deliver high quality creative performances and interactive workshops with the aim to impact lives and transform society.

  • Theatre in Education: educating the next generation on current social issues
  • Tour nationally with bespoke theatre productions
  • Create innovative explorations of Biblical narrative
  • Create sketches for churches and organisations
  • Work with partner organisations to communicate their stories/ educate on critical matters

Here in our office or out on the road, we always aspire to be:


Our lives and our work are inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus. We believe in reflecting the artistry of God by presenting, creating and producing the most original creative arts possible.


Every person counts. No matter your faith, age or culture, we want to see each team member, partner, supporter and audience member encouraged and inspired by everything we do.


We want to impact hearts and lives. Through our work we want to create change for good.

Servant Hearted

Our purpose is always to meet needs and exceed expectations. We show care in both thought and action.


We’re committed to discovering new methods of delivering both story and message.

We’ve worked with:

Home Office YMCA Mothers Union CHAD
Marie Collins Foundation UCCF AWM Spring Harvest
Derby Council Spring Harvest Holidays